New Years Celebrations


On December 31st 2013, four nerds sat around a table playing board games while they counted down to the New Year. It was on that night, in between rounds of Ticket To Ride, that the idea came up to start a YouTube channel.

Exactly two years later our channel crossed 100,000 Subscribers.

My current mood:


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AshNew Years Celebrations

2015 PAX Prime


I wanted to get a blog post up before the PAX adrenaline has left my system. It’s been a little over a day since we got back from our trip to Seattle and I’m still feeling the rush (although a little thin after my first day back into the workforce).

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Jas2015 PAX Prime

Halfway to Silver


We just crossed 50,000 Subscribers! That’s halfway to getting one of those fancy looking silver play buttons from YouTube. WOOO!



We are extremely lucky to have such an awesome community.

You all are the best.


Holy crap, that was quick, right? Didn’t we just celebrate 25k a little while ago?


Do you think I could wear that Silver Play Button around my neck like Flava Flav? …ehh… nevermind.

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AshHalfway to Silver

Stats and Milestones


The ticker just hit 10,000 Subscribers!

And I’m afraid we were caught somewhat off guard this time around. Usually we have time to make a little thank you video, or draw a new banner or something. But it happened to quickly this time around! It was only Sept 24th that we hit 5000!!

So, first and foremost:


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AshStats and Milestones