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Halfway to Silver


We just crossed 50,000 Subscribers! That’s halfway to getting one of those fancy looking silver play buttons from YouTube. WOOO!



We are extremely lucky to have such an awesome community.

You all are the best.


Holy crap, that was quick, right? Didn’t we just celebrate 25k a little while ago?


Do you think I could wear that Silver Play Button around my neck like Flava Flav? …ehh… nevermind.

When we hit 10,000 subs I made one of these blog posts where I talked a lot about our growth, with charts and stats and what not. It seemed to interest some people, so I thought it’d be interesting to show what our charts look like now

First, we’ll start off with the chart I made back in Oct 2014, when we hit 10,000 Subs:


The last time I made these charts, I was able to show where some of the view spikes were coming from (ie: reddit, yogscast, gang beasts). It was easier in the first 6 months, as there are very obvious little spikes on an otherwise straight view line.


It’s much harder now to create the same kind of chart where I can attribute a rise in views to a specific thing. Instead we have to attribute rises in views usually to things like: Christmas Break, E3 is currently happening, Summer Break is starting.

The first six months or so was really spent just trying to get ourselves seen. Now that we are, the focus is making sure that what people see is the highest quality that we can make.

One thing that I think as really helped us set ourselves apart recently is the addition of using the greenscreen in our videos:


We didn’t reveal our faces to YouTube until February of this year. We had previously used little drawings of our faces, that Jas had made, to define us in our videos. As well as lots of custom banner art, also done by Jas, with all of us drawn out.

If I could do it over again, and we had the option to green screen from the very start of launching the channel, I think I would still have opted to go with just the drawings of faces at the beginning.

The drawings I think helped define us as characters to our audience at the beginning. Like on a cartoon show, you have your favorite character, these characters have catch lines that they usually repeat, and they always look the same. I think that same mentality translates very well to defining yourself in the Lets Play scene. You want to create a very clear image of yourself for your audience. You’re building a brand around you. If we had gone with our real faces from the very start, I think it would have taken much longer to define ourselves to our audience.


Anyway: I’ve rambled enough.

50,000 is here! And what comes next?

-Conventions! (we’re headed to PAX Prime this year!)

-Some secret big channel changes, planned around our 2 year anniversary.

-A Silver Play Button (on a dope chain around my neck).

Catch you all next time,



(NOTE: This blog post was originally published on 7/23/2015. It was copied from our previous website to this new website, so the publishing date changed.)

AshHalfway to Silver
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  • Abby Dennis - March 7, 2017 reply

    i am so proud of you guys for making it so far. I am your biggest fan! BTW: I LOVE YOU JAS YOUR MY FAV : )

  • sisols - August 17, 2017 reply


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