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The ticker just hit 10,000 Subscribers!

And I’m afraid we were caught somewhat off guard this time around. Usually we have time to make a little thank you video, or draw a new banner or something. But it happened to quickly this time around! It was only Sept 24th that we hit 5000!!

So, first and foremost:


The growth of the channel has been a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share some stats on Stumpt’s growth!





Here you can see a graph of our daily view numbers, going back all the way to February 2014 (when the channel originally launched). Most of the small bumps that you see in February through June are caused by us posting our videos to Reddit and hoping that they would make the front page and drive some traffic to our channel. Back then those little bumps in the graph were HUGE to us.

In April we were fortunate enough to get a Press Copy of Crawl from Powerhoof. I consider this to be one of the biggest tipping points for our channel. We had less than 1000 subscribers at this point, and only a handful of YouTubers seemed to be covering the game. So we played it. A LOT! We played it so much that if you searched for “Crawl” on YouTube we were the top result. So, when Polaris and Yogcast started posting videos of Crawl, and people started for search for Crawl, guess who they found?

Obviously Gang Beasts has been huge for us as well. And it’s popularity on our channel I contribute more to blind luck. We were not one of the first Youtubers to play it. In fact many of the majors (like Yogscast and PewDiePie) had already made many videos on Gang Beasts. So when we first started playing it, I really wasn’t expecting it to do much for our channel. And I could not have been more wrong.

All of the spikes that you see on the graph after “Gang Beasts hits Steam”, those are all Sundays. At first we believed these spikes to be caused by us releasing Gang Beasts on Sundays, so we also started releasing Gang Beasts on Wednesdays. However we didn’t notice a huge change in our Wednesday traffic. So, the simple answer is… YouTube viewers just have more time to watch stuff on the weekends.

Anyway, I wont ramble anymore about stats, except to say this: We’ve never had a month that didn’t exceed our expectations. And all of that is because of you, the viewer. You have all welcomed us, and built a community around our goofball channel.

You’ve all exceeded our expectations. Thank you.

Catch you all next time,


AshStats and Milestones
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  • walle - May 14, 2018 reply

    hey stumpt what you want to play blazing beaks , sonic forces or bendy and the ink machine or play with gaming beaver .

    wallle - September 30, 2018 reply

    play minecraft its already 2018

  • walle - May 14, 2018 reply

    hey price play with gaming beaver he love dinosaur

  • walle - May 14, 2018 reply

    hey rik and price what you want to choice jurassic world evolution in june 12 or cuphead two player vote now

  • walle - May 14, 2018 reply

    hey stumpt i draw to watch epic mickey build our machine

  • walle - May 14, 2018 reply

    i mean dare you to watch epic mickey build our machine

  • walle - May 14, 2018 reply

    and record on your video

  • walle - May 24, 2018 reply

    hey stumpt their a game called depth . it about sharks vs divers.unlocked new weapons or new shark skin. play as shark or divers. team rash vs team industries who is the winner. oh yeah forgot something their evolutions points

  • walle - May 26, 2018 reply

    i know why rik win in gang beast ep220 because he picking the right character but you causing disaster and rik go to safe zone.i saw in bilboard rik is fighting jazzy but rik make a trap for jazzy by hit wall part. jazzy escape but the wall part hit the ground that you standing on. jazzy fighting price and ash got defeated by rik . then jazzy did jump fight to price and they fell. rik wins. don’t be jealous like joey drew is jealous of walt disney? why he jealous of him. find out in the ink machine.

  • walle - May 26, 2018 reply

    i am sorry rik and i don’t blame you but joey blame walt disney and his creations ,mickey and oswald

  • walle - May 26, 2018 reply

    people like walt characters and that why that joey drew studios got abandoned.but in real life people like boris the wolf.

  • Marcus - November 12, 2019 reply

    Hi guys, my name is Marcus. I am a first time RPG Deve. (Tabel Top and I would be honored. If I could run a test game for you. Please note, I have CP. So my method is a bit different. I am hudge fan of yours and love your energy.

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