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Stumpt.TV is LIVE!!!

Hey look, we got a shiny new website!

Welcome to Stumpt.TV!

This is where you’ll be able to easily see all of your favorite Stumpt content all in one place!

On the Homepage you’ll be able to see YouTube videos of the following channels: Stumpt, Stumpt Rik, Stumpt Jas, Stumpt Price, and Stumpt Live. All the videos are combined into one feed, and organized so you see the newest videos first. There is also a filter you can toggle, so if you only want to see a feed from one channel, you can do that! (By default the filter for the Stumpt Live channel is toggled off, as videos tend to get posted there in big batches, which might overwhelm this feed)

Eventually you’ll even be able to see our live twitch streams on the home page as well!

Beyond the amazing homepage we also have this great Blog, which currently has some of our posts from our previous blogger website. I’ll try to keep this blog more up to date. We’re about to cross 200,000 subs and that will for sure need it’s own post!

We also have an awesome Calendar where you can see the videos that will be posted to the main Stumpt channel for the next 7 days.

There is also a Channels section, where you can find direct links to everyones youtube channels, and all of their social media networks.

And lastly, the Shop. We the launch of this new site we are also changing the vendor we use for our merchandise. We are now partnered with TeePublic! We wanted to change to a shop that offered a better price for everyone, and allowed us to do sale pricing from time to time. With the launch of this new merch store we are also releasing a BRAND NEW SHIRT!

FIND IT HERE:  (It’s on sale for $14 for the next 72 hours)

Beyond that awesome new design, we also have our previous Stumpt Lumberjack design, and we’re also selling our Stumpt Hammerwatch poster!

And I think that just about sums up all the awesome new stuff here. But before I wrap up this blog post I have to give a big shoutout to @dunknicoll! When i was originally designing this site, i was running into a ton of issues with pre-built youtube plug-ins and annoying calendar plug-ins. He volenteered to write us custom YouTube and Calendar plug-ins and designed them to fit the site. Everyone give me a big thanks, because he went way above and beyond creating out homepage. It really looks amazing!

Please let us know what you think of the new site!


AshStumpt.TV is LIVE!!!
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  • Jonathan - March 5, 2017 reply

    I’m so excited that you guys “branched” out from just YouTube and have made your own hub for the channel. Lovin the look!

  • Zikonko - March 5, 2017 reply

    So glad for a website like this also congrats on 200,090 subs!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryanwalsh502 - March 5, 2017 reply

    Who else watched ad and loved it it was hilarious 😉

  • Christian boitnott - March 5, 2017 reply

    This is awsome dont have to vist youtube to watch uour content or look gor it eather

  • Christian boitnott - March 5, 2017 reply

    i love how it said in calander opps ash broke it 😕

  • TheGreatEqualizer - March 5, 2017 reply

    Congratulations on the launch of the site guys.

  • DiscussWR - March 5, 2017 reply

    nice website better than youtube 🙂

  • Sean Langley - March 5, 2017 reply

    Damn, you guys are killing it, fantastic job!

  • Llama licker - March 7, 2017 reply

    I love this so much!!

  • Mofriedchiknplz - March 11, 2017 reply

    I love the new website congrats on 200,000 plus sub since 3000

  • Mofriedchiknplz - March 24, 2017 reply

    your videos are like potatoe chips you can’t have just one

    Boss bob - July 1, 2018 reply

    Nice one and i agree

  • Foxy - May 1, 2017 reply

    you guy are awesome !

  • Luke - May 10, 2017 reply

    What should I do if I want to send you some fan art? (not using the post). Basically, I want to send you a picture of the art that i made for you

  • layth - December 5, 2017 reply

    I am a huge fan of your minecraft series and have been watching stumpt since Ash’s zoo. but plz when is the new minecraft series coming
    other than that I love you guys

  • Boss bob - July 1, 2018 reply

    You should try headless mode
    with a blackhole on gang beast. Btw you guys are awesome and in my opinion way beter then pudypie

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